Crowns & Bridges From Your Dentist In Ridgecrest

At The Dentist House, our Ridgecrest dentist and team are happy to offer natural-looking crowns and bridges to return smiles to their original glory. These safe and effective treatments have made a difference for so many people. Find out if they’re right for you.

How do dental crowns work?

Crowns, also known as caps, are effective for anyone with weak teeth that require protection or for those who wish to replace an older metal crown to make their smile look as good as new. They can be used to prevent, protect, and restore at-risk or damaged teeth. For example, if you’ve ever undergone root canal therapy, you have a crown on that compromised tooth to keep it strong, healthy, and return it to its normal shape.

How do bridges work?

Dental bridges serve as a solid and durable tooth replacement option. It bridges the gap created by one or several missing teeth. Bridges are convenient, requiring minimal maintenance to achieve a beautiful smile that can withstand the test of time. Together, we make a personalized treatment plan based on how you want your smile to appear.

To embark on your smile transformation with dental crowns and bridges, give our office a call. We’ll get you in for a consultation when it works for you. Consult a dentist specialist in crowns to restore your smile's strength and beauty with precision and care.

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