Dental Veneers Are One Of The Cosmetic Options We Offer

Are you considering elevating the appearance of your smile? Let us tell you about dental veneers in Ridgecrest CA, one of the many cosmetic treatments available at The Dentist House.

How dental veneers can transform your smile

Dental veneers are thin yet durable coverings that go over the top of the front part of a tooth. They can be used for one tooth or several. They look natural and can be used to fix a multitude of dental issues, including:

  • misshapen or crooked teeth
  • worn or chipped teeth
  • discolored teeth that can’t be brightened through bleaching
  • a gap or uneven space between the upper front teeth

Dental veneers are made out of composite resin or porcelain. Like our tooth enamel, they are translucent and can be matched to other teeth.

A brief history of dental veneers

Dr. Charles Pincus, a dentist for Hollywood stars, invented the concept because several of his high-profile patients needed to elevate their smiles for the big screen. In 1928, he delivered. Dr. Pincus attached an acrylic material to the front of the tooth. A unique adhesive kept it in place for a short period. Stars like Shirley Temple only wore them on film and then removed them.

What’s the dental veneers procedure like?

At The Dentist House, we’ll make a dental veneer ideal for your smile. That means it will be the right color, size, and shape. No two smiles are alike! It will be a pleasant process in our cozy environment, and our team will take good care of you.

If you’re interested, call our dentist in Ridgecrest today! We’d love to talk about your smile needs during a no-obligation consultation.

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