Dental Implants Have The Power To Transform Your Smile

Most people have heard dental implants in Ridgecrest CA before. However, not everyone knows about the details when it comes to getting them and how they function. If you’ve experienced tooth loss and considering this restorative treatment, please continue reading this article from your dentist in Ridgecrest at The Dentist House.

What exactly are dental implants?

Whether you’re just missing one tooth or many, dentistry offers multiple solutions in today’s day and age. One option that is suitable for you may not be right for the next person. That’s where your dentist’s expertise comes in. We will work closely with you to determine what’s suitable for your goals, both aesthetically and functionally.

Back to dental implants… Dental implants are made up of titanium posts. We place that post directly in your jaw – and it will fuse into place over time. This process can take three to six months. Then, we’ll place an abutment in the implant and cover it with a strong crown that is color-matched to your natural smile.

How dental implants will positively impact your smile

If you lose a tooth, there’s a possibility the rest of your teeth will shift because of the gap. This can cause bite problems. Since it’s anchored in your jaw, the implant is permanent and the closest you can get to a natural tooth.

Are dental implants in Ridgecrest CA right for you? Give us a call for a no-obligation consultation. We’d love to help you restore your smile.

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